How should I prepare my individual instrument tracks for mixing?

  • Your final files of each track can be stereo or mono. Depending on which audio source you have.
  • But even if you send mono files in stereo, it's better than sending stereo files in mono!
  • 32-bit floating audio files are preferred ! 

If you need more information, please feel free to download my free cheat sheet

What format should I choose ?

Attention please: mp3 files are NOT accepted!

Please bounce to wav or aif files.

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Please let enough headroom for high quality and natural sounding binaural mixes. When you render your single tracks, get rid of the limiter on your master output. If you have a master-eq on the stereo bus, please leave the EQ activated.

Bit-depth and dithering

Dithering is essential !!

Dither is a slight hiss that is added to your audio material to minimize errors when changing the bit depth.

If you want to learn more about dithering, please feel free to download my cheat sheet here.

bit depth and dithering in music
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Last checks

What are the last checks before sending in your tracks?

  • Do your tracks all have same starting point?
  • Did you listen carefully to each single track for noise and anomalies?
  • Have all the rendered files a name that is easy to understand and describes the instrument?
  • … and more

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